We’re All Playing In The Same Sandbox, You Know?

sandbox, interactive, meetup, music, techWith a quick Google search I found 6 Music/Tech meet ups in the next 2 months just in NYC. The Orchard itself hosted a NYC MusicTech meet up in January and we hope it was the first of many. We also did some fine schmoozing at a meet up hosted by Fanbridge last night AND we are planning on hanging (and educating ourselves) at the NY Music:Tech Meetup next week… whew!

The term Interactive has been around for a while (although I still remember when I’d talk about the IA portion of SXSW and people would question what this meant exactly) but I can’t help but be intrigued by the ever-expanding definition of the word. After attending both the IA and Music conferences at SX this year, it’s more obvious than ever that now, the lines between Interactive, Tech, Digital Music, etc. are being blurred, bringing them all under the same umbrella.

My observation is simple and something I’m sure you all know already but again, quite interesting to watch. As the lines between industries blur, this shifts a focus to the importance of education, relationships and the sharing of ideas and needs between the afore-mentioned industries. Digital music companies should be channeling their inner geek and educating themselves on technology and innovation because now,  if you and your company can’t keep up, you’ll very quickly be left in the dust. Similarly, Technology companies (and the like) need to put their headphones in and listen to not only the music but also the fans to figure out what they want, how they can build it and then how to deliver it.

The action item is this: Embrace it. Initiate meet ups, get togethers, focus groups, hack-a-thons etc. Music companies, even if you’re not in the digital music space (promotors, bookers, managers, etc.), you already know where music is headed so why not know exactly how it is getting there? You may be surprised at how it’s not all because of you!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Stephen Cummings

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