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google-plus-360I imagine that we all shared the same sentiment when Google+ initially launched — one more social network I need to update?! It’s been a slow process, but Google is finally beginning to connect the dots for us. Within the next few weeks, YouTube users will be able to link their Google+ page to their YouTube channel.

You can already merge a Google+ profile and a channel. If you have a Google+ profile you would like to merge with your channel, you can begin opting in by going to the advanced section of your account settings and clicking “begin using my full name on YouTube.” Note that this is only available if you have your Google+ profile on the same account as your channel. I would currently suggest only linking a Google+ profile for solo artists. Google has a strict naming policy for profiles, and closely monitor the first and last names used to create the profile. Therefore, “The Drums” will not be permitted as a profile name. This is similar to Facebook profiles vs. Facebook pages.

The benefits of linking Google+ to YouTube?

  • Ability to change your channel display name (not channel URL)
  • A YouTube channel linked to a verified Google+ page will also become verified (improves YouTube search results)
  • Auto-post video uploads to Google+ page, Facebook, Twitter

Don’t forget: To improve the likelihood of your Google+ page appearing in relevant searches, you should link your Google+ page to your website by installing a small bit of code. This code lets Google know that your website is associated with an official Google+ page.

Once this is all said and done, things get interesting. Google+ Ripples show social reach across users who engage with content. Ripples allow you to search a video URL or post, and see engagement from other Google+ users. As a result, you can target your audience who actively engages with specific content.

You can also broadcast live hangouts on your YouTube channel and Google+ page. YouTube simultaneously records hangouts and saves it to their video manager, allowing you to edit and monetize recorded hangouts as any other video.

Lastly, over the next few months, YouTube will enable up to 50 users to manage one channel, and/or one user will be able to manage up to 50 channels. This will allow you to access multiple YouTube channels without having to give up access to Gmail or other similarly associated accounts.

I know the wait has been slow and at times confusing, but don’t ignore your (artist’s) Google+ page just yet!

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Money Green

Great post and absolutely correct I’ve been a YouTube Partner for three years now and as a music artist connecting my Google+ page with my YouTube page has been one of the best features yet allowing me to change my original YouTube channel’s name from mgizzy13 to my real name which gives me a more professional appearance on YouTube.


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