Can’t Make the Show? Ra Ra Riot Has You Covered!

One of the most resounding, encouraging aspects of music is its ability to take on an entire different form in person. Whether we’re downloading music, streaming playlists on Spotify, or holding the actual vinyl package in hand, it’s often through the concert experience that many fans establish their fondest memories with an artist. But, given a busy schedule, limited tickets/high demand, and the abundance of birthday parties, it’s not always easy to make the show you’re dying to see. Luckily, you have options to explore and Ra Ra Riot and can show you how.

Ra Ra Riot Livestream

While live streams are awesome (check out this one below for a limited time), fans who want take matters into their own hands and truly promote their favorite act’s live experience for themselves, can rejoice about a new and exciting entrant in the field: Switchcam.

Switchcam goes by the ethos “the crowd is your camera crew” and developed a platform that easily allows fans to capture and organize multi-camera footage and create a cohesive mural of the event. How many times have you stood in a sea of concertgoers and gradually found your view illuminated by a sea of hovering smartphones, capturing the show before you? Fans have already become amateur videographers — Switchcam allows you to harness that group and create a finished product you can all be proud of.

For all Ra Ra Riot fans in the Boston area, be sure to join the Switchcam movement @ The Paradise Rock Club on Sunday January 26th.

Join the Switchcam movement at The Paradise Rock

Now, as promised, here’s the live stream of Ra Ra Riot‘s Release Show this past Tuesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg, courtesy of Bowery Presents:


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