A Look Into Radar: How To Make Great Music Videos Cheaply

Radar Music VideosWe recently launched an app in The Orchard Marketplace which makes it its goal to pair artists and labels with the perfect director for their music videos.

This app, Radar Music Videos, has quite a few success stories to support its mission, and in this guest blog post, Caroline Bottomley, Managing Director of Radar, is going to share two of them.

Read up, and if you’re a client of The Orchard, install Radar Music Videos in the Marketplace.

Alt-J “Breezeblocks” — Director: Ellis Bahl

The Artist/Label and The Brief

Spring last year, Infectious Music posted a music video brief for their new UK signing Alt-J on Radar, with the teasing headline “INTRIGUING DIRECTORS ONLY NEED APPLY.”

Alt-J were still relatively unknown at the time, but sharper directors knew the band and liked the look of the £4k (approx. $6k) budget.

The Response

Radar has thousands of professional directors worldwide and our back-end shows the brief was viewed nearly 1,500 times. 41 directors submitted treatments to Infectious’ label manager Connie Meade, via the Radar mechanism. That was a lot of treatments for Connie to work through. Nowadays we recommend that labels expecting a big response state: “we only want to hear from experienced directors who have made popular, award-winning, brand-commissioned or editorially-featured videos,” or something similar.

The Director

Ellis Bahl was a young director in New York. He’d had some success with MTV Idents and co-directions of music videos, but was ready to branch out on his own. You can see the treatment he wrote on the Radar blog — and you’ll see it has a different ending to the finished video.

What Happened Next

Infectious’ brilliant marketing helped push Alt-J higher and higher up the media’s agenda. This video in particular got them coverage across U.K. media and a high profile feature in The Huffington Post. The director began to be courted by talent spotters and he’s now represented by two of the best agencies in the U.S. and U.K. (and now works with much bigger budgets). By the end of the year, Alt-J had won the Mercury Prize, the video won ‘Best Alternative Video’ at the UK Music Video Awards and from amongst the many millions of videos on Vimeo, it was chosen as one of the Best 12 Videos on Vimeo of 2012.

Lorenzo DiGrasso “Finally” — Director: Anthony Furlong

The Artist/Label and The Brief

Swiss DJ Lorenzo DiGrasso posted a brief open to all ideas and with a budget of €1,000 (approx. $1,350).

The Response

The brief was viewed 168 times and 5 directors submitted treatments via the site. (The treatments go to the artist/label’s email address.)

The Director

Anthony Furlong also happens to live in New York. He’s a successful commercials director but wanted connections in the music industry. So he came to Radar and started pitching. He found the star of this video from a brand casting earlier last year.

What Happened Next

Lorenzo and his label Mouvance are extremely happy. The video has featured as ARTECreative’s Video of the Month, the influential U.S. music video blog Videostatic and the U.K. talent spotting blog LittleBlackBook.

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Find out more about Radar Music Videos on their One Sheet.

Guest blog post by Caroline Bottomley, Managing Director of Radar Music Videos.

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