Recipe for Success? Lay It All Out Like Poliça

Most bands really want to make it big. Of course, right? But most bands in today’s world want to be big right away without putting in the time of sitting in a van for countless hours and practicing, let along just flat out working day in day out. Granted, there are many moving parts and formulas to the equation that go into a success story, far beyond just Facebook posts. Hard work is a given, and while knowing someone always helps, it does not guarantee victory. What it always seems to come down to is the quality of music and how that music is portrayed by those playing it. Believe me, fans know…

Take Poliça for example. They have enjoyed a steady flight that continues to go further and further upward. The band is less than a year old on paper and has already been showcased at SXSW, CMJ, Lollapalooza, Jimmy Kimmel Live while also getting nods of approval from Grammy winner Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, who told Rolling Stone that “They’re the best band [he’s] ever heard.” Combine that with having Jay-Z showcase their debut video on his site Life and Times and you have something that dreams are made of.

Part 1 of the Equation: The Music

Channy Leaneagh (formerly of Roma Di Luna and Gayngs)’s sonic voice, that hints at times of Sinead O’Conner, flows in line with her body movements and pulls you in for something that is unexplainable to common Earthlings. The emotion of the words alone, a result of a break-up that Channy faced, set you adrift into blissful soundscapes combined with bass-lines (Chris Bierden) that float upon dueling drummers (Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson). The studio tracks are what makes you believe, but it’s the live presentation that makes you fall in love with them.

The band’s first album — mixed by Jim Eno of Spoon, produced by Ryan Olson of Gayngs, and featuring guest vocals by Mike Noyce of Bon Iver — was released digitally on December 20, 2011 through their own label Totally Gross National Product. They have now partnered up with Mom & Pop Records for a physical re-release and a remix album. While tasting a great deal of success along with growing sales on an Independent level, they’ve kept it all organic and on their terms. Patience in finding the right people that love their music is something that goes unparalleled in a “right now” generation. By not capitulating and giving into the world of commercial pitfalls, a band shows it is poised for a career.

Part 2 of the Equation: Hard Work

Poliça has been touring non-stop in a van, in the air and by sea since their debut in September of last year. ‘Nuff said.

Part 3 of the Equation: Who You Know

Their manager Nate Vernon (Justin’s brother), has not for one minute relied on his namesake to propel this band to extreme levels. His compassion and understanding of letting it all flow has driven this band to where it is today. Trickling out a few tracks to prime the airways without a press release or a full length album was only the first serving to a growing feast of the blogosphere. That, followed by giving away tracks, playing free shows and approaching untapped markets such as Mexico (they landed Single of the Week at iTunes there!), has scaled Poliça to boundless heights. Embracing social networking while not using it as a crutch has helped define a band of the modern movement. The “give-a-little-bit-to-get-a-lot” has been the backbone for a band that continues to lay their cards out time and time again.

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