Record Store Day Kicks It Up a Notch with the Adapter Prize

Adapter PrizeTbe U.K. has the Mercury Prize. Canada has the Polaris Prize. Until now, the U.S. has not had a similar music prize. Well that’s about to change with the recent announcement of the first official Record Store Day Adapter Prize!

The idea for the Adapter Prize was hatched at a recent industry convention by a group of independent store owners. They wanted to “celebrate the releases that come into the stores all year, and will honor those that the people in those stores think are stellar.” The four categories are Record of the Year (New), Record of the Year (Reissue), Record Store Day Release of the Year and Breakout of the Year. The first three will be awarded to a specific album, while Breakout of the Year will be given to an artist who made a big national splash that year.

Although the final voting will be done by record store employees, you can take part in the nomination process! A list of participating retailers can be found here. Since each store gets to decide exactly how to collect their nominations, please visit or contact your local indie store for details. But don’t wait too long; stores will begin sending in their nominations at the end of the July.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The award itself will be shaped like a record adapter. What’s a record adapter you may ask? A look at the prize’s logo should give you a hint…

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