Smartphones Turned Strobe Lights… Who’s In?

Dan Deacon AppWith the number concerts and festivals rapidly increasing each year, artists need to look for exciting ways to make audiences feel more engaged in the experience. Well, fans of the musician Dan Deacon are in for a treat. The Official Dan Deacon app allows concert-goers to create a syncopated lightshow while enjoying the concert. Coldplay recently implemented a similar technology using LED wristbands (check out the video here — it’s incredible). Deacon’s app however requires nothing more than use of your smartphone.

The free app developed by Wham City Apps, does not require Wi-Fi or a data connection. Instead, phones sync with audio from the performance, making it possible for Deacon to communicate and control phones from the stage. When in use, the app turns phone screens into a light show, speakers into an instrument and L.E.D.s into a strobe. This is another great example of mobile mobility, and from what we can predict, we’re only seeing the beginning in a new wave of audience participation.

Check out the trailer for the app below:

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