Make Spotify Your Own and Give Your Fans a Little Something Extra

Beyond putting your music on Spotify, as a label or artist, you must create your own strategy within the service in order to increase listening of your music and maximize your earnings. In Spain, as we have witnessed through the various Spotify campaigns we have run, there is a key: playlists!

What we have seen so far is that campaigns that focus on directing traffic to a new release achieve high stream rates while the campaign is running. But once the campaign is over, the rates return to regular levels.

So how do we maintain high traffic rates post-campaign? We make the fans subscribe to your playlist or include your music in their favorite playlists! This is the direction we have been taking in our latest Spotify campaigns.

If you are a label and you want to promote your entire catalogue, we recommend you create a Spotify profile, customize it, fill it with new playlists — choosing tracks as your artists would choose a setlist for a show — and once done, promote and circulate the profile and playlist through your channels and social networks. A spot-on track selection for Valentine’s Day for instance can provide you some romantic listening for more than just one night! If that playlist helped save a date for me, I would be a forever loyal subscriber!

Or, if you are an artist and you want to promote a new release, give a little something extra to the fan: not just a bonus track, but something that really engages them; something special that makes them know your music in a different way. For example, choose your best collaborator, somebody well-known, related and ready to give you a hand, and ask him or her to make a personal selection of the best tracks from all your releases. Put these tracks in a playlist and you will be ready to offer your fans something really special!

As we say in Spain “imaginación al poder” — empower imagination!

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