Spotify Reaches Beyond The Nest with Its Play Button

spotifyJust push play! It’s as simple as that. The long awaited embeddable Spotify player just went live, making it super easy to add your awesome — and monetizable! — music to your website and blog, as well as some fast-moving Facebook apps like FanBridge and FanRx, which you can install straight from The Orchard Marketplace.

The Spotify Play Button is powered by the Spotify app in the background, so listeners will still need an account (and will be prompted to create one if they don’t have one already) to enjoy your tunes, but they won’t have to leave your site anymore to do so.

So, how do you get one? Pick the song, album or playlist (yep, that’s right, you can embed any and all of those!) you’d like to include, grab the Spotify URI code by right clicking on the title and head over to Spotify’s developer website tools in hand. Do some pasting and copying, customize size, theme and view and bring your music to your fans pronto!

We know you’re dying to get started, but if you have time for a sneak peek, check out Zambri’s FanBridge page on Facebook and “play” around.

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