Stephan Said: A Difrent Look at OWS

From police raids at Zucotti Park in New York City to Molotov cocktails and tear gas dispensed throughout downtown Oakland, the Occupy Wall Street movement has dominated national media coverage and our nation’s consciousness since its inception in mid-September.

But, while countless musicians and celebrities have lent their two cents on the matter and paid rather… questionable visits to the protests (looking at you Mr. Carter; we’re okay with you Mr. Colbert), it’s refreshing to see an artist who occupied these ideological trenches well before any film crews arrived.

Stephan Said, an Iraqi-American singer-songwriter and activist, has been working for a more equal global society throughout his career as a musician, activist and writer. This past September, Stephan launched a global platform to broadcast music for social change called Difrent, along with the self-titled album that mirrors these sentiments. Hear the lead single ‘Take a Stand’ below:

If there’s anyone with the level of street cred to be the musical accompaniment for this message, it’s him. When the drum circles around Mayor Bloomberg’s house dissipate and the tents around this movement are packed up, the tenets and sounds of movements like this one still need a home, one that Stephan Said is trying to build. Take a second and check out pieces on Stephan’s work from Time Magazine and Democracy Now, and see Stephan playing a rousing version of “This Little Light” below with folk-legends Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie!

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