Don’t Mess with Texas: SXSW 2012 New Music Sampler

It doesn’t roll off the tongue with quite the same alliterative ease but let’s call this Freeloader Monday.

If you’re heading down to Austin next week, it’s a good bet that you have started to assemble an elaborate SXSW itinerary that will take you all over the city to see literally dozens of shows, from day parties, to official showcases, to late night performances taking place in weird and wonderful locations like, say, the middle of a bridge at 4 am. (Said itinerary will hopefully also take you to many many delicious Tex-Mex and BBQ joints as well but that’s for another post. Sleep, however, is for the weak).

Navigating the list of artists can be a daunting experience but we’re here to help. Our free Don’t Mess with Texas: SXSW 2012 New Music Sampler contains tracks from 23 can’t-miss-artists.

Click HERE to download the compilation. Starting tomorrow it will also be available for streaming on services like SpotifyRdio and Amazon.

Check out the track list after the jump.

Track list:

01. Lee Fields & The Expressions – “You’re the Kind of Girl”
02. Laura Gibson – “La Grande”
03. Ganglians – “Jungle”
04. Races – “Big Broom”
05. Wooden Wand – “Motel Stationary”
06. Xray Eyeballs – “X”
07. Whirr – “Junebouvier”
08. The Big Sleep – “Ace”
09. Amy Ray – “Glow”
10. Torche – “Kicking”
11. Royal Baths – “Darling Divine”
12. Devin – “You’re Mine”
13. Mustard Pimp – “The Garden (feat. Puppetmastaz)”
14. Zambri – “ICBYS”
15. The Drums – “Money”
16. Cuckoo Chaos – “Jesus Flag American Fish”
17. Princeton – “Florida”
18. Little Tybee – “Nero”
19. Cardinal – “Her”
20. Young Man – “Fate”
21. Sonnymoon – “Just Before Dawn”
22. Spank Rock – “Energy”
23. Hollie Cook – “Cry ft. Horseman (Vocal Mix)”

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