Posts Tagged: cassettes won’t listen Releases (F)Remix From Mixologist Cassettes Won’t Listen

The time has come for fans of Cassettes Won’t Listen’s original music and remixes alike to be satisfied. On Wednesday, released a free downloadable e.p. from Cassettes Won’t Listen featuring remixes of Mr. Lif, The Death Set, The Dears, The Faunts, Christine, and Bisc 1. This (f)remix is sure to please long time fans… Read more »

The Daily Rind Podcast: Week of May 26th

This week’s Daily Rind Podcast is live! Download it here or subscribe to it on iTunes. Track 1: The Who’s Roger Daltrey and The London Symphony Orchestra “I’m Free” from Tommy [Ode Sounds & Visuals] Track 2: The Builders & The Butchers “Barcelona” from Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well [Gigantic Music] Track 3: Wooden… Read more »

Guilty Pleasures, Here We Come!

Various Artists Guilt By Association Vol. 2 / Engine Room Recordings / BUY While we here at the Rind feel pretty firmly that one need not feel guilty for liking cheesy pop songs (seriously, you should see some of our playlists), the idea behind this second volume of covers from Engine Room is a great… Read more »