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5 Electronic Artists that Stood Out at CMJ 2013

While CMJ is traditionally a buzzfest for Indie bands, there’s always some great Electronic music to be found as well. Although EDM has been the big story this year, Indie and underground Electronic music has also flourished. And as with all things Indie, The Orchard distributes some of the best. Quite a few found their… Read more »

Vienna Teng Seeking Heat (and Getting It) with “Aims”

We’re happy to announce the release of Vienna Teng ‘s new album, Aims, on Soltruna Records. This is her first full length album since Inland Territory (2009) and was released on September 24th. Aims definitely takes a new direction from Vienna’s former album. It’s her most uptempo, Pop-influenced album to date, and very lyrically powerful. From the first song,… Read more »

Funk Globo: The Sound of Neo Baile

What happens when DJs/Producers from around the world add their own unique style of ‘bass music’ in a blender with various ingredients extracted from the Morros (hills) of Brazil’s Favelas? In the words of Mr. Bongo: “Welcome to Neo Baile, a new take on the traditional sounds and aesthetics of Brazil’s Baile Funk (or Funk… Read more »