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Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

40% of Coldplay’s Early Album Sales Are Coming from Downloads   EMI: Access/Warner Pull Out of Bid   Getting the Music Advertising ROI Calculation Correct   The Musical Side of Google TV’s Relaunch   YouTube Announces Channels – Will Feel a Little More Like Cable TV

My 5 Favorite Music Discovery Tools

As a Bedroom DJ who struggles to appeal to the ever changing music tastes of my two cats and my subconscious (I haven’t been able to decide which is more picky yet…), music discovery has become a big part of my life. Instead of digging through crates of vinyl at my once beloved Cheapo, I… Read more »

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

YouTube Launches Merch Store For Music, Merch and Tickst Sales   Google Wants Label Licenses. But Do They Deserve Them?   Google To Launch Online Music Store To Compete With iTunes and Amazon   Spotify Hits 250K Paying Subscribers in the U.S.

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

Facebook Account Now Required For Spotify Signup, And Users Aren’t Happy Music Marketers FAQ – What’s most important as a promotional tool: Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube?   5 Key Features Missing From Facebook Music Music, Media Firms See Hope In Facebook   Comparing Streaming Video Services: Blockbuster, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon   Google Adds Multiple Sign-ins… Read more »

Viacom vs. YouTube

Viacom vs. You Tube is one of the more important litigations in the 1st decade of digital music as it seeks to provide an interpretation of Sec 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  The question is essentially this:  Is You Tube considered an “Internet Service Provider” as that term is defined in the DMCA, thus giving… Read more »