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Freeloader Friday: Local Natives, Menahan Street Band, Travis Barker & Yelawolf, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson, Matthew E. White, Hey Sholay and Sophie Auster

November 30, 2012 Freeloader Friday No Comments

Local Natives "Breakers"Aaaand, we’re back! To make up for eating lots of great food last week (or hearing about it), we’ve put together a collection of awesome music and visuals to go with it.

That’s right — you’ll notice we’ve got a slew of music videos for you, and they’re all exceptional and unique in their own way. First, we start with Local Natives‘ “Breakers.” You already caught a preview of the track in a previous Freeloader Friday, and now you get the full visual experience. Travis Barker and Yelawolf, Matthew E. White and Sophie Auster are also on board the music video train with some fresh content from their newly released albums. All that makes this single stream from Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson a special treat to be savored, a break from the explosion between your eyes and your brain that you can enjoy with your lids closed or in the dark… that is, if you haven’t already turned out the lights after Menahan Street Band‘s “Lights Out” or Hey Sholay‘s “Dreamboat…”

To the listening board!

Local Natives: “Breakers” music video premiere via Pitchfork
Hummingbird out January 29 on Frenchkiss Records

Menahan Street Band: “Lights Out” music video premiere via Noisey
The Crossing out now on Daptone Records

Travis Barker & Yelawolf: “6 Feet Underground” (feat. Tim Armstrong) music video via YouTube
Psycho White out now on Lasalle Records

Hey Sholay: “Dreamboat” music video via YouTube
((O)) out now on Fierce Panda Records

Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson: “Nasty” (feat. Planet Asia) via Mello Music Group
Dice Game out now on Mello Music Group

Matthew E. White: “Will You Love Me” music video premiere via Pitchfork
Big Inner out now on Hometapes/Spacebomb Records

Sophie Auster: “Run Run Run” music video via PaperMag
Red Weather out now on Lost Colony Music

Start Jamming Early to The Sounds of CMJ 2012

CMJ 2012The 2012 edition of the CMJ Music Marathon may still be a couple of weeks off but we’ve already been excitedly penciling in our (exhausting!) show schedules and RSVP’ing to every party invitation that comes through the ol’ digital transom.

We’ve also assembled Spotify and Rdio playlists for some of our favorite Orchard artists performing at this year’s festival. Hopefully it makes some of your decisions easier.

We here present you with CMJ 2012: The Bands, The Music, The City. Happy CMJ!

Freeloader Friday: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Flock of Dimes, Benjamin Gibbard, Bloc Party, Matthew E. White, Levek, Pretty & Nice and Naytronix

October 5, 2012 Freeloader Friday No Comments

Black Moth Super Rainbow's "Cobra Juicy"Welcome back to Friday, dear Freeloaders! We’ve got a juicy one for you this week… It’s so juicy, it’s “cobra” juicy… You know, so you’ve got enough to take you through Columbus Day this Monday.

(If you’re like some of us over here and this day off is a newsflash, I hope it’s a good one where you just realized you could finally go on that hiking trip you’d planned on forever ago.)

But hiking trip or not, you need good music! In this edition of Freeloader Friday, you’ll get treated to some great streams from upcoming albums by the likes of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Flock of Dimes, Benjamin Gibbard, Pretty & Nice and Naytronix, as well as some fresh music from current albums courtesy of Matthew E. White, Levek and Bloc Party, who just released the video for their new single “Kettling.”

Enough talking… Start playing!

Black Moth Super Rainbow: “Gangs in the Garden” via NPR
Cobra Juicy out October 9 on Rad Cult Records

Flock of Dimes: “(This Is Why) I Don’t Wear White” via Pitchfork
(This Is Why) I Can’t Wear White/15 out November 20 on Frenchkiss Records

Benjamin Gibbard: “Something’s Rattling (Cowpoke)” via YouTube
Former Lives out October 16 on Barsuk Records

Bloc Party: “Kettling” video premiere via YouTube
FOUR out now on Frenchkiss Records

Matthew E. White: “One Of These Days” via Aquarium Drunkard
Big Inner out now on Hometapes/Spacebomb Records

Levek: “French Lessons” via Aquarium Drunkard (also!)
Look A Little Closer out now on Lefse Records

Pretty & Nice: “Capsules” via MTV
Us You All We out November 6 on Lost Colony Music

Naytronix: “In The Summer” via The Guardian
Dirty Glow out October 9 on Plug Research Records

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