The Marketplace Presents: Dympol’s Charitable Checkout

Meet Charitable Checkout, the 100% free app that lets you raise money for the causes you believe in while promoting your music and developing closer relationships with your fans.

The concept is simple: when fans give to celebrity-endorsed causes, they get brand-sponsored discounts and a public thanks from said celebrity on their social networks.

As an artist, you’ll create an enticing widget through the Charitable Checkout app that you can publish to your Facebook profile or embed on your website or blog. You can choose from over one million charities, from Rock The Vote to Planned Parenthood. Here’s how to do it:

Install the app on the artist of your choice from The Marketplace app page, and accept the developer permissions. You will then be led to the Dympol website, where a window will pop up asking you to connect your Facebook Fan Page. Log in to Facebook if you haven’t already done so, and Allow the app to access your information. This step is necessary to create a Dympol tab on your Facebook page for your campaign. Then, choose which Fan Page you would like to create a widget for. Note that your Fan Page will have to be published in order for Charitable Checkout to be added.

Now you’re ready to start creating your widget, which you can do in four simple steps:

1. Select your charities: You can select up to three candidates to reap the benefits of your fundraising. Almost all charities from the United States, and many international ones, are available within the app. If you encounter one that is not offered, feel free to contact the Dympol team so they can include it for your campaign. To add a charity, start typing the name, and select it when it pops up below. A confirmation window will appear to make sure you’ve got the right one.

2. Choose your sponsor: One of Charitable Checkout’s great perks is its brand sponsors. These companies have volunteered to give your fans special offers to their stores in exchange for their generosity. And new sponsors are being added regularly.

3. Add a custom image and call-to-action video: Entice your fans to donate with a custom image of your band and, if you choose, a motivational video explaining why this cause matters to you. Just upload the image from your computer and paste the link from your YouTube video and you’re in business. Hearing a message directly from the artist is always a great way to connect with fans and encourage them to support your cause.

4. Give your fans a free download – photo, video, song, background… just about anything you want. You can do this by expanding the premium section and then selecting a song you’ve already uploaded to The Orchard, or by selecting a song from your catalogue.

If you’d like, you can seal the deal with a customized “Thank You” message to the fans who donate for your cause. This message will appear on their Facebook wall, and is a great way to reward your active followers in a more personalized way.

All that’s left to do is Preview your widget, and click on Create & Install. A new tab will appear on your Facebook Fan Page, ready for you to start campaigning for your cause. An embed code will also be emailed to you, so that you can keep recruiting donors on your website or blog.

If the power of giving isn’t enough to entice you to use Charitable Checkout, here are some stats that might make it worth your while:

  • 15% of fans presented with the app during checkout make donations and activate their sponsor gift card
  • 7% of unique Facebook app visitors also participate
  • You aggregate tons of News Feed mentions of the band, the cause, and the brand sponsor
  • People like it and it generates a positive image around your band

Check out Dympol’s Charitable Checkout Demo for more help on how to partner with your fans to raise money for causes you support:

Charitable Checkout is accessible via The Marketplace. Find out more about them on their One-Sheet.

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