The Marketplace Presents: Haulix

What’s the best way to launch a promotional campaign in the fewest possible steps? Haulix can put up a good argument that it’s it.

A digital promo system that creates engaging promo pages featuring your cover art, watermarked downloads, YouTube videos, photo galleries and more, Haulix offers a great way to promote albums at the pre-release stage. Plus, it manages your media contacts and controls their promo access with fine-grained permissions and watermarking technology.

Once you log in through The Marketplace and launch Haulix, you’ll be asked to provide your contact information and a username, which will become your Haulix home page: [yourname] Then select the plan that suits your needs best, based on storage and bandwidth—all at a discounted Marketplace-only price.

Welcome to your Haulix dashboard! You can now create all the promos you please, organize your press contacts, and send out your invitations. As an Orchard customer, you can manage multiple artists with one Haulix account and easily import one or more of your Orchard releases into the Haulix system through Artist and Release Builder.

Haulix promo pages include some exciting features in addition to the basics mentioned above. For instance, each web page supports streaming, iTunes podcasts, ZIP file downloads, PDF attachments and excitingly, user ratings and feedback. The best part? Once you’ve sent out your promo invitation, all you need to do is sit back and watch your promo consumption, straight from your Haulix dashboard.

In terms of design, you can use Haulix’s templating system to either match the design of your page to your artist’s brand or album marketing imagery, or go wild and create a whole new design. Take a look at Ringo Deathstarr’s promo page for Sparkler for an example in simple and sophisticated. [You need to be invited to view and interact with the actual promo, so we’ll just have to sit tight as observers with this screenshot…]

Now go forth and let your own creative beast out of its cage!

Haulix is accessible via The Marketplace. Read more about them on their One Sheet.

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