The Orchard’s Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

O-kay so most official holidays are more legit than Valentine’s but aside from Christmas and Halloween, few are in our faces more than Valentine’s Day. IT IS EVERYWHERE. Love it or hate it, you can’t escape it. This morning alone, Peel’s Restaurant was serving red-hot mini cookies, Dunkin’ Donuts had heart shaped donuts, and CVS was clearing out half the floor for little fluffy teddy bears (really, who is buying these) and chocolates (o-kay I get that 100%).

So let’s break this down. It’s happening either way, so you can do one of two things: Deal with it or complain about it. I think it’s better for all of us if you (and I) just deal with it. So the wonderful staff here at The Orchard has taken a stand in support of this arbitrary holiday. You have no excuses now because we’re equipping you with what you need to embrace Valentine’s this year. This is your Valentine’s Survival Guide from us to you:

  • Music: We did NOT create a Valentine’s Day Mix. Instead, a sweet lovin’ mix. This is a year-round mix that will get you in the lovin’ mood for any occasion. Anniversary, third date, post-fight snuggle… Listen below on Rdio and here on Spotify and also on (we’re spreading the love everywhere).
  • Matchmaking: We think we’re pretty good at music but who knew we were such good matchmakers? For a limited time only, we’re switching gears and servin’ up some saucy singles that are sure to suit your needs. Click here to find your life MATCH.
  • Treat Yo Self: Buy yourself some flowers any day this month at a DISCOUNT (no judgment here for signing the card  with an imaginary lover’s name). With help from the soulful Lee Fields and, you can sign up for the Truth & Soul mailing list on their website or on Lee’s Facebook page and receive a a free download of “You’re The Kind of Girl” along with an exclusive ProFlowers discount link.
  • Distraction: Free show tonight at Piano’s in NYC with Frenchkiss’ very own Devin… just in case you forgot to plan something earlier.

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