Turn Your Facebook Frown Upside Down

FB-f-Logo__blue_512A blessing and a curse. A necessary evil. Is this how you think about Facebook?

No way!

Facebook is an essential part of your marketing strategy. This means that you can’t just brush it off as something you “don’t like to do” and you absolutely can’t approach it with a negative attitude. If Facebook is a major aspect of marketing your music, then why would you treat marketing your music like a chore? Don’t set yourself up for failure!

So, what can you do? Fret not — we’ve built this handy deck that explains simple ways to make Facebook both easier and more effective. Read on…



This is the BEST Orchard/Rind Post and Presentation Ever! Totally useful information. So often I read posts across several sites where my reaction is “Ugh, I knew that already” or “I’m doing that already” – give me something knew.

This post is Totally Useful!!! And it gives me something to do :)


The information you gave regarding Edgerank is very beneficial. I have to say this post was one of the most informational posts regarding Facebook I have seen in a while.


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