Verified Profiles: Making the Most from Spotify

Spotify_BlocParty_Verified A question I am asked on a near daily basis by labels is “What more can we be doing with Spotify?”

A simple answer, and one that Spotify would tell you themselves, is to have your artists set up verified profiles. Not only is a verified profile a great way to interact with your audience, it is also a priority for Spotify. Spotify is more inclined to support artists that support Spotify.

A verified profile alerts fans and potential fans that they’ve found the right artist and ensures that everything relating to that artist — biography, discography, playlists — is kept in one place on Spotify. It additionally allows artists to connect directly with their fans. Fans that follow an artist that has a verified profile see updates in their activity feed any time the artist posts playlists, songs, listens to a song, etc. It’s a great way to get in front of fans and not only inspire them to listen to whatever the artist has posted, but also to inspire streams of their own music.

Beyond just verifying a profile, it is important to use the verified profile to its full potential to interact with fans, increasing followers and streams. A favourite band of mine, let’s call them Band X, is a prime example of what more could be done with Spotify. I love Band X and have for a number of years. I own all of their albums, even the really bad one, on CD, both the original releases and remastered deluxe versions. Even the really bad one. I have seen them live way more times than it is remotely cool to admit. I follow Band X on Spotify, as do a good number of other people, Band X having been one of those bands that inspired not just fandom, but devotion amongst their audience.

Band X does not have a verified profile on Spotify. They never appear in my activity feed, and I don’t receive any notifications. Their listing on Spotify has all of their albums, but also a number of albums I know are most definitely not the same Band X.

Having recently released a new album and currently being in the midst of a large tour, Band X would have a lot of opportunities to interact via Spotify with their several thousand followers. An active profile would yield even more followers. They could be using the visibility around their new album and tour to gain followers and post playlists, playlists, playlists. Ideas are easy:  gig setlists, tour bus tunes, favourite songs from the country in which they currently are.

Verifying their profile would create a one-stop destination on Spotify for all things Band X. If they actively used the profile, they would appear in my activity feed and that of their several-thousand strong devoted fans. Not only would we check out and possibly follow whatever playlist they have posted, we may also be inspired to listen to Band X albums simply by virtue of the power of suggestion, increasing their own streams in the process. I know I would. I might even give that really bad album another chance.

If you need more information on setting up a verified profile or how to use effectively, please contact your client manager.

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