Welcome, Ben S.!

Ben South, Senior Client Relations Manager, The Orchard UKIntroducing Ben South, Senior Client Relations Manager, UK

My interest in music goes way back, but I started thinking about working in the industry after university when I was spending far too much time hanging out in my local record shop drinking cups of tea talking about how CD sales were killing vinyl. Yes, it was a quite some time ago! Cups of tea turned into helping out on a voluntary basis which turned into a full-time job. At the end of 2001 the owner of said store retired and moved to Scotland, leaving a small gap in the market. I spent the next few months hunting for new premises, putting together a business plan and scraping together a couple of thousand pounds to open my store which was up and running by April 2002. Plastic Records focused on new and used vinyl (you’d never have guessed from the name!) across all genres, but with particular focus on independent Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and the like.

I ran the shop for 6 years which I enjoyed immensely but decided to close up in 2008 for reasons I’m sure I don’t need to explain to anyone, suffice to say changing times. I then went on to work for Kudos Distribution, starting in August 2008 as a Sales & Label Manager. I had four and half fantastic years there as the label roster and company grew considerably. Jump to November 27th, 2012 which was significant for 2 reasons: First, I was due to attend an interview at The Orchard and second, I became a father to my daughter, Mabel. The interview had to be re-arranged and… well, here I am, thrilled to be joining The Orchard and looking forward to getting to know everyone soon!

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