Welcome, Tom!

tom wheeley the orchard business developmentIntroducing Tom Wheeley, Senior Director, Business Development

Hi everybody. Firstly I just want to say how excited I am to be here! I’ve been waiting a while for my move to the US from London, having been living out of a suitcase (not literally of course) for a good year for things to materialize. It’s bloody exciting times!

So a bit about me… and am going to start at Uni otherwise I’ll be here all day. I went to Manchester Met in 2000 only to survive a semester due to a ridiculous amount of partying and consequently very little time in the lecture theater. On return home my change in appearance led my mother to proclaim ‘Thomas, I’m finding it very difficult to look at you right now!’ so I took the rest of the year out, delivered white goods and drove an electric powered fork-lift (just awesome fun) and decided I wanted to work in the Music Industry. I fell in love with it after picking up Oasis ‘Definitely Maybe’ in 1994 and started playing drums in the school band Sympathy (the worst band name ever in the history of band names).

By early 2000 I realized that I probably wasn’t going to make it and that I should go into the business side and be a producer! As you do! I joined a Music Management course and spent 2-3 days a week at Cooking Vinyl in London, making the tea etc. (which is where I met Robert Plant…) I finished Uni and went on a 24 date tour of the UK doing some street marketing for a band, ate lots of gas station food and generally had a great time. Then CV offered me a job before the label launched Uploader, a digital distribution start-up and brought me over as a Label Manager. A year later and IODA acquired Uploader in order to establish an EU presence and I put the Retail Marketing department in place. I then moved into Account Management and Business Development and ultimately found my calling, which was nice!

I am a big football fan (soccer for some of you) and support Manchester United, am rinsing the Horrors record ‘Skying’ and enjoy killing zombies on my iPad.

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