What The #&@$ Do You Do?!?

Eulàlia Ràfols
Client Relations Manager (Spain, Italy, Portugal)
Joined the Orchard September 2010

Eulàlia, como se dice “What the #&@$ do you do” en Español?
Se dice “Y tu qué #&@$ haces” en Español and “I tu què #&@$#$% fas” en Català. We actually speak Catalan in our office.

Okay so, I tu què #&@$#$% fas, Eulàlia?
From our office, we manage all the labels from Spain, Italy and Portugal, which is quite a big amount of labels. Sometimes my job is basically extinguishing fires and trying to have everything under control as much as I can. Other times, it is about guiding labels, teaching them to think more in a “digital” way, or together with Celia, it is about building interesting campaigns with our strong local product. And of course, it is about transferring releases to stores, setting territory restrictions, prices, asking for deliveries, redeliveries… things without which a Client Manager wouldn’t be able to live!

We heard a rumor that involves you, Nick Gordon and an elementary school in St Paul, MN.
Ja ja! How did you know that? Well, some years ago I spent a year teaching Spanish in a Junior school in St. Paul, MN. It was a great experience. I learned a lot of things about American culture and also found out that are very cold places in the world. One day, while I was just starting at The Orchard, I was on the phone with Nick and I told him that I lived in the US for a while and was teaching in a school and… SURPRISE! He was a student at that same school when he was younger! As we say in Spanish, “el mundo es un pañuelo!”

So how did you make the transition from teaching to music?
At that particular time in my life, teaching was the best way to leave my country and have the chance to experience another culture so I became a teacher for a while (in the US) and after that, back home I took a postgraduate in teaching. My main goal however has always been what we call here “cultural management” – especially related to music. After coming back I studied cultural management and music management here in Barcelona and started working in the Barcelona Opera House (Liceu), where I used to organize lyric concerts and also conferences, courses, etc. to support the artistic activity of the theatre. And from them to The Orchard. So that’s when I really started working in the music industry.

So is it true that Albert is the nicest guy in Spain? We all think he is, so now is your chance to rat him out. He’s got to have some kind of flaw, right?
Mmmm, difficult question knowing that he is my boss… but yes, he does something that annoys me and I have never told him, so it seems this is the right moment to do it: Albert please, clean the cup of tea before you leave the office?! Besides that he is quiet, organized and respectful, so he can difficulty annoy somebody.

And while I’m at it, our interns have not been educated in CLOSING DOORS. They always leave the office door open! Anna really seems to be unable to transfer calls to the right person and Cèlia often plays embarrassing songs on her computer while I am on calls!

Wow, now I feel much better…

Sounds like someone needed to vent! Thank you for your honesty and we’ll check back in later to see if Albert is cleaning his dishes, the interns are shutting doors, Anna is transferring calls correctly and Cèlia is revising her music (and volume!) preferences.

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