What’s Cooking in The Orchard Marketplace?

Not too long ago, we sent you a survey asking what you liked best about The Orchard Marketplace, what kind of apps you hoped to find in the near future, and how you interacted with the features and apps offered.

This is what we found.

We were a bit surprised at your responses when it came to rating or commenting on apps. We’ve suggested a couple of possible solutions below…

Look at that! Itty bitty Switzerland beat out even Germany and Italy. We sent them care packages in all of their (four!) official languages.

And of course, here’s a special universal “thank you” to all of you for taking the time to respond to our survey. We’ve taken all of your answers and suggestions, and, in addition to this infographic, we’ve mixed them up, tasted them, tried them on for size, and have been simmering them in our special sauce to bring you everything you want and more when browsing through our Marketplace. So stay tuned for new apps and updates, coming soon!


Special thanks to Drew Schorno and Evan Rosen for the graphics. 

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