Wired.com Releases (F)Remix From Mixologist Cassettes Won’t Listen

The time has come for fans of Cassettes Won’t Listen’s original music and remixes alike to be satisfied. On Wednesday, Wired.com/Underwire released a free downloadable e.p. from Cassettes Won’t Listen featuring remixes of Mr. Lif, The Death Set, The Dears, The Faunts, Christine, and Bisc 1. This (f)remix is sure to please long time fans of Cassettes Won’t Listen who are used to CWL setting a high bar for quality remixes of favorite songs. To download the album, hit up www.cassetteswontlisten.com/fremix.zi

Fans of Cassettes Won’t Listen’s original creations will be satiated by the release next week of Into the Hillside, the first full-length from CWL. This instrumental composition consists of sunny songs that reflect Jason Drake’s recent move to Los Angeles. On the strength of its 70’s and 80’s electronic groove pop vibe, this album has the ability to become the soundtrack to summer road trips for years to come.

CWL has also teamed up with Future Audio Workshop (makers of the famed DeadMau5 app) to launch a brand new iPhone app of his own. Users will be able to emulate their favorite remix artists by taking the stems of tracks from Into the Hillside and mixing them into their unique creation. This application inserts a personal touch into the listening process and allows fans of Cassettes Won’t Listen to become a part of the project.

The first single, also entitled “Into the Hillside,” has seen its share of attention, receiving an exlusive release by The Tripwire, and being featured on Rcrd Lbl and Xlr8r.

Download the lead single here:
“Into The Hillside” single

CWL studio tour: here on Vimeo

Into The Hillside – album out June 16th!

Past praise for CWL:

“So infectious it’ll be hard to see past tomorrow.” SPIN

“..a really funky dude from New York” Perez Hilton

“…keep this one on repeat.” Urb Next 100 Artist

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