What The #&@$ Do You Do, Tricia?!?

Tricia ArnoldTricia Arnold
Senior Director of Sales and Distribution
Joined The Orchard in March 2012

Congratulations on just being appointed Senior Director of Sales and Distribution, Tricia! Tell us, what the #@&$ do you do now?
Thank you! My job at The Orchard remains rather varied. Firstly, I oversee the international physical distribution network, scheduling releases, providing sales information and tools to international distributors, setting pricing, coordinating campaigns, launching catalogues internationally, pitching our physical distribution network to potential new and existing digital labels. With Mr. Chris Tams sadly leaving us, I am now also overseeing digital marketing for both new releases and catalogue in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, which I had been doing for IODA before it was integrated into the Orchard’s retail marketing, and I am also working to expand our offering and efforts with Amazon Disc on Demand. In addition, I am continuing to client manage for some awesome labels for the time being, including Demon, Townsend, Ace, ZTT and Rocket Girl.

You’re clearly still entrenched in the Physical world… What makes it exciting? And what do you predict up ahead?
I still buy CD’s! Although physical sales are declining of course, it remains a large part of the market internationally and I believe a market will always exist for physical product. Labels just need to be smarter about physical now and what they release and in what format. We’re starting to see more exciting physical releases with special packages, nice vinyl pieces, added value that gives the fan something they can’t make themselves at home. Some people will buy a piece of vinyl even if they don’t have a turntable because it’s a nice collectible piece to have of their favourite artists. I also think programs like Amazon Disc on Demand are an interesting space to watch, giving the option to offer a physical version without the exposure of having a stock holding all over the world.

Hear, hear! Can you tell us a bit more about Amazon Disc on Demand and what it does?
Amazon Disc on Demand uses the digital files of an album to print a CD (or DVD) of MP3’s with artwork for customers who want a physical product. It’s a digital sale that results in a physical copy. No stock is held — the units are printed when the customer places the order, and Amazon is able to ship the next day. They have greatly improved the quality of late with heavier grade paper, and I’ve seen official physical releases that are of a lesser quality. This is a great option for catalogue titles that may not move enough units to justify having stock available in every territory, but still might find some sales for physical units. As Amazon expands this program (and a couple other stores have experimented with something similar), I think it will turn into a real solution to reach fans that would otherwise be missed by not having a physical product available.

Apparently, you met your husband at an Indie club in Philadelphia where Dave Pak was DJ’ing — the same Dave who used to date your roommate. Such great stories! Please, tell us more.
Rumours! Okay, close, but not quite. I did spend quite a lot of time on the dancefloor of Sorted, Dave’s once-upon-a-time monthly club night in Philadelphia, and I’ve consequently known Dave (and a couple of his exes actually, but I won’t tell!) for a scarily long time. It was at an indie club in London though where I met my husband, dancing to “Rocks” by Primal Scream of all things (the first thing he said to me was “Not a great song to make eye contact to, eh?”). We did bring in our first new year together though back in Philadelphia, once again with Mr. Pak on the decks.

Well thank you for clarifying that! We were also tipped to ask you about Duran Duran… Mhmm? 
Now I wonder who could have tipped you off to the Duran Duran thing! I may have had a childhood over-enthusiastic appreciation for Duran Duran, a good decade after it was socially acceptable. By “over-enthusiastic appreciation,” I mean that I might have had a poster of Simon Le Bon on my ceiling and still own to this day the Duran Duran trading cards and board game (you have to help the members of Duran Duran find their way into the Arena!). Although I’m a bit less fanatical than I used to be, I still buy every album (even suffering through one listen of the Timbaland-produced one) and catch them on every tour. I swear that it’s a complete accident though that I’ve ended up living pretty close to Simon.

Riiiight, we believe you… Thanks Tricia for sharing what the #@&$ you do and restoring our readers’ faith in the future of physical!

album you would take with you on a desert island: Sci-Fi Lullabies by Suede
favorite spot in London that no one knows about: Shimla Mirch — a tiny, eternally empty Indian restaurant on the Shepherd’s Bush Road that is the best Indian restaurant I’ve come across.
what you’re most thankful for this year: All the new experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have. And Nate Silver.
random fact: The band I’ve seen the most times live is Air Supply. They are my mother’s favourite band and I went to see them with her nearly every year growing up.

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