InVideo Programming: YouTube’s Branding and Promotional Tool

YouTube InVideo ProgrammingBy now, it’s no secret that the YouTube metric with the biggest impact on search, recommendations and revenue is watch time. The new One Channel layout, which was rolled out to all channels back in June, is largely built around features intended to drive subscriptions and increase watch time. Months before the One Channel switch, YouTube released a fantastic tool to help creators do just that: InVideo Programming.

InVideo Programming only has two features and is incredibly easy to set up. The first feature enables you to add a channel watermark to all of your videos. If viewers aren’t subscribed to your channel and mouse over the branded watermark, they’ll see a subscribe button. If they are subscribed, they’ll see the subscriber count and can click through directly to the channel.

InVideo Programming Channel Promotion

The second feature enables you to promote a video (either your own or one on another channel) across all of your videos. This is an effective way of highlighting a priority video and extending watch time.

Promote a Video with InVideo Programming

With both the channel watermark and featured video, you can control the placement (which corner) and duration (when it starts and stops). Analytics are reported for both, so experiment and see what’s most effective with your audience. To set up InVideo Programming, log in to your YouTube channel and go to your Video Manager. Click on “Channel Settings” on the left hand toolbar and then “InVideo Programming.” YouTube will walk you through the rest of the setup and you’ll have it up and running in a matter of minutes.

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