15 Clients Who Have Challenged Us… And Made Us Better Partners

the orchard 15 anniversaryAt The Orchard, we value that our clients are also our partners. As such, they constantly keep us on our toes and challenge us with new ideas and suggestions that help us improve our service and our products. Every expression of a need, every communication of a wish, every outreach for support helps us stay ahead of the curve while always keeping our clients’ best interest top of mind.

Penned by our client managers themselves, here are 15 examples of how clients have pushed us to improve and be the best partners that we can be.

Arti Farti — Arti Farti is a leading Scandinavian client and home to superstar DJ & producer, Rune RK. The Nordic territories can work very differently, often with much shorter lead times. Working with them, we have grown to further understand the importance of close communication, particularly in native tongue, in order to execute quality campaigns under sometimes challenging circumstances. By working closely, we have secured outstanding retail and interactive results, including VEVO UK premieres and playlists, and #1 chart hits. –Emilie Snellman

Body & Soul — As a label, Body & Soul is a living encyclopedia of Jazz — a unique concept of releasing recordings based on a completely “chronological” approach which brought us the challenge of gaining them the same recognition they had in the “physical” world. With 1.5 million CDs sold, their expert knowledge of the genre has helped us adapt specific pricing strategies: Best Of’s by great names such as Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, but also prepare new work around streaming stores with playlists prepared together including great tracks from other lesser known artists. Check out: A History of Jazz/Une histoire du Jazz: 100 tracks. –Ben Oldfield

Cleopatra Records — Cleopatra Records puts out an incredible number and range of releases through The Orchard – from historical speeches to Broadway plays to cutting-edge dubstep. As a result, they’ve forced The Orchard client team to learn how to handle metadata rules for every single type of release across the entire spectrum of deliverable content. In addition, the label has been influential in helping us maximize our efficiency and improve deliveries for the future. –Jeff Stempeck

Cobra Entertainment — Our friends at Cobra are always pushing the boundaries of compiling Classical music. Focusing on quality music at an affordable price, they have come up with an amazing formula that just works, all the while creating thematic compilations that are truly relevant with today’s trends. These high-volume compilations have really kept us alert when it comes to Classical metadata rules, as these can be tricky for even the most seasoned professional. –Jeremy Sponder

Farol Música — As part of one of the most important media groups in Portugal, they definitely contribute to bringing top local Portuguese content and artists much closer to us, and also challenge us to learn how to market top international artists in the territory, such as Katie Melua. –Eulalia Rafols

Frenchkiss Records — Frenchkiss is an incredibly forward-thinking and proactive company. Between the label’s amazing release schedule, the launch of the Frenchkiss Label Group and their keen interest to new technology and new revenue streams, our partnership consistently keeps us on our toes to learn and be the best. –Jaclyn Bertsch

GMM Grammy — Getting to understanding the workflow and process of a label can be challenging. When the label is based in a completely different continent with a completely different mindset and culture, it can throw up many challenges. GMM Grammy has helped us understand that labels in different territories have different needs and require a different way of working. They’ve given us knowledge in strong local content in new territories and help us grow our tools to suit labels around the world. –Chris Manning

K-Industries/KZoo Music — They were the first Orchard partner in Spain and initially helped develop the market in this territory which was very valuable for us. Their knowledge of their vast catalogue and how to market it pushes us to better understand how to create good pricing strategies and develop long term release campaigns covering absolutely all services in our country. –Eulalia Rafols

Novaemusik — Since they were founded in 2010, this amazing team lead by the artist Carlos Jean developed one of the most innovative music-related projects — based on the idea of creating music in a collaborative way using new technologies — that is taking place in Spain in the last years, and which has brought them to #1 on the charts several times. Working with them shows us new ways to engage fans and what is more important, it constantly pushes us to break preconceived ideas. –Eulalia Rafols

Ode Sounds & Visuals (a.k.a. “the label that broke Release Builder!”) — Ode Sounds is Lou Adler’s legendary label, probably most well known for the soundtrack to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The label released a new version of the soundtrack in 2011 called The Rocky Horror Picture Show Complete Soundtrack: Absolute Treasures (including Planet Schmanet Janet, Once In A While, The Sword of Damocles, and Planet Hot Dog!) 2011 Special Edition. This title featured more title characters than The Orchard’s Release Builder could handle, which was a maximum of 140 (sounds familiar? Twitter’s character limit is also 140) – error messages abounded. The Orchard tech team sprang into action to rework the appropriate code and increased the character limit to 255, so we were able to accommodate the label’s wishes and release the new, expanded version of the album including its 185 character title! –Riker Griffiths

One Media Publishing — One Media Publishing is a leading content provider of music across a broad and deep range of genres and catalogues. WIth their proactive approach to pricing, analytics, reporting and delivering content, they’ve challenged us to develop advanced technology to deliver large volumes of releases with complex metadata and extract detailed analysis over a gigantic set of data. Our partnership with One Media consistently spurs us to further develop our own methods of technology in order to support growth for both our and their business. –Liz Eve

Rock The Cause — What was once a charity, is now a record label. In 2011, Rock The Cause, a Minnesota-based non-profit, had the idea to create a charity benefit album around the life of inspirational singer-songwriter Vic Chestnutt. Working with The Orchard’s expert digital retail team and royalties department, Rock The Cause was able to build their own record label and raise funds and awareness for both Vic Chestnutt and the Lifeworks non-profit. –Jeff Stempeck

Sesame Workshop — The legendary children’s brand Sesame Street has brought some amazing content to us here at The Orchard. Working with them has taught us to think differently about opportunities for children’s music across an entire spectrum of outlets, from your digital downloads and streaming services to apps, video games and children’s toys. There is always an outlet for music from this iconic brand. And besides that, they are some great people! –Jeremy Sponder

Smithsonian Folkways — The music arm of the Smithsonian institution is a living, breathing archive of the history of recorded music. From old bluegrass and folk to African music and field recordings, this “audible museum” knows how to celebrate music and compile a venerable archive of essential recordings. With such a vast and amazing catalog, this label has taught us what a quality product can be. From the music to the liner notes and packaging… everything is top notch and has given us all insight into how a beautiful physical package can be translated into an intricate and innovative digital product. –Jeremy Sponder

Volcom Entertainment — Volcom is run by some of the most industrious, resourceful and fast moving people. Their vast knowledge of music technology, third party platforms and applications challenges us to bring our best game to the table in marketing solutions. –Jaclyn Bertsch

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