Melvins Team Up With Mike Patton to Curate All Tomorrow’s Parties

Good news is in the air! For lucky Brits, and stateside grunge devotees willing to drop serious plane fare, that is. Indeed, All Tomorrow’s Parties recently announced this year’s Nightmare Before Christmas festival will be curated by Ipecac impresario Mike Patton and the one and only Melvins on December 5-7. Butlins Holiday Resort in Minehead will play host to the event, which is sure to deliver with sets from “America’s Funnyman” Neil Hamburger, post-metal titans Isis, boss dudes and Melvins conspirators Big Business, and the bug-garbed gunksters The Locust. Say it with us, folks: EARPLUGS !

In other Melvins news, the Godfathers of Grunge will release Nude With Boots, their five billionth album [ed: not true; it’s either their 19th or 23rd], this July. Once again, King Buzzo has enlisted the help of Big Businessmen Jared and Coady to make those stegosaurus riffs as gargantuan and cosmically wicked as ever. Featuring eleven slabs of hot shit awesomeness, you’ll probably need earplugs for this one too!

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