5 Years of The Daily Rind

logo.pngFive years ago today, we launched this blog to share artist news as we grew our roster of Interactive Marketing campaigns. We quickly evolved The Daily Rind into a vital piece of our corporate content marketing strategy, focusing on client communication, Orchard news, tips for navigating the digital landscape, op-eds on industry topics, and yes, artist news. All of this through the eyes of my very talented co-workers, who we continuously pester for more posts.

In honor of our five year mark, here are some of our favorite Daily Rind moments :


Sharon Jones on Austin City Limits, Grammy Consideration by Tonia Samman


Getting Social: The Orchard is on Facebook! and Let’s Twitter! by James Volpe


Streaming vs P2P (Round #543324): Why Does Spotify Feel So Much Faster? by Nathan Thompson

Honorable mention to a republished Billboard piece: Billboard Op-Ed by Scott Cohen (Our Co-Founder and VP): LESS BEGETS MORE by Scott Cohen


SoundCloud: So…About Just Sending Out That MP3? by Robbie Mackey

Honorable mention for a catchy song and catchy topic: Ai Se Eu Te Pego: When Music + Soccer Collide by Celia Saez


Indie Artist Makes a Killing from Streaming – Yep, You Heard Right. by Chris Duncan (this was reposted by Hypebot)

Honorable mention for being our sixth most read post of all time: The Most Valuable Thing You Don’t Know About YouTube’s Business Model by Doug Shineman

Thank you to all our writers, readers and sharers throughout the years. As always, let us know via comments if there are topics you’d like us to cover in the future.

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