New Analytics Feature: YouTube UGC Matches

The Orchard AnalyticsHot off The Orchard press! You can now view your YouTube UGC Matches (a.k.a. Claims) data in The Orchard Workstation.

Let’s back up for a second: a “UGC Match” is a user-uploaded video that contains your content. It might be audio that’s used in the background, a visual clip, and so on. UGC Matches are identified either automatically by YouTube’s Content ID system, or manually by our Video Services team members.

Your new channel lineup includes:

  • Audio UGC Matches: number of user-uploaded videos that contain a client’s audio content
  • Visual UGC Matches: number of user-uploaded videos that contain a client’s visual content
  • AudioVisual UGC Matches: number of user-uploaded videos that contain a client’s audio-visual content

These new channels gives you visibility into how YouTube users are including your content in their uploads and since this data has not been made available in the past, these will be completely new feeds and will not cause drop offs on existing ones. By showing the number of UGC Matches that have been generated over a given time period, this new feature can help shed light on:

  • The audio tracks or videos that are most popular with YouTube users
  • User engagement with your content over time

Please note: Having a match on the video means we’ve asserted ownership on your behalf, and YouTube is applying your specified policy of monetize, block, or track — usually it is monetize. Please check with your client manager if you have any questions.

Furthermore, these channels show only UGC Matches — they include neither premium videos that live on your partnered channels nor Art Tracks. Here’s a snapshot:

UGC Matches

We’re confident you will find value in this update! UGC is a powerful source of revenue these days, and we’re excited to bring you more insight on it.

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