At 70, Our Founder Is Still Making Music Happen!

This past weekend, Richard Gottehrer, our illustrious creative leader, turned 70!  There aren’t many 70 year olds who are still so dedicated to their work like Richard is and certainly don’t have the enthusiasm and charisma that he shares with us at The Orchard each day.  70 is a milestone for any adult and most likely provokes a bit of reflection on their journey…

Richard was part of 60s pop group, The Strangeloves who wrote hit singles such as My Boyfriend’s Back and I Want Candy.  Did you know that The Strangeloves pretended to be from Australia?  To step back in time with Richard, watch him perform I Want Candy on YouTube, he’s the one on the right.

After the two singles climbed the Billboard charts, nothing much exciting happened until Richard founded The Orchard with Scott Cohen in 1997.  He just spent his time producing artists such as Blondie, The Go-Gos, and Joan Armatrading and then co-founded Sire Records (with Seymour Stein), working with musicians like The Ramones and Talking Heads.

A couple years back Richard spoke, sang, and played the piano to a group in San Francisco for Toast of the Tip.  Here is a quick, five minute video that I highly encourage you to watch

This year alone, Richard produced the first album for the up-and-coming garage-rock band Dum Dum Girls and re-launched Blue Horizon with Seymour, and it’s only June! Not a bad year to lead Richard into his 70s!

Richard is a generous, caring, and passionate man who is truly invested in his work. He is a delight to be around, a fantastic storyteller, engaging, endearing, and the list goes on and on.  One of our favorite characteristics is that the more excited Richard gets, the higher his voice gets, which inspires everyone around him to get excited as well.  Nothing can beat hearing that voice around our office because it subtly improves the way we all go about our day!

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