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Tanya Morgan Gives You Rubber Souls!

Who is Tanya Morgan? If you were thinking that Tanya Morgan is a fly looking female from around the way, well you need to dig a little deeper. In actual facts, Tanya Morgan is an all male group originally consisting of MC Donwill, MC IIyas and producer/MC Von Pea that formed in 2003. Donwill and IIyas are… Read more »

Hieroglyphics Cooking Up Heat In The Kitchen!

Historically, there have been many Hip Hop crews all across the country since the genre’s inception. One of the most renowned and respected ones is the Hieroglyphics crew, out of Oakland, California. Hieroglyphics is made up of a multitude of stars. Del The Funky Homosapien is the man who created the iconic Hieroglyphics logo and has put forth… Read more »

It’s Time To Evolve. Why Not Do It with Slum Village?

To understand the essence of Detroit Hip Hop, look no further than Slum Village who have just dropped their new release Evolution through Ne’Astra Music Group and The Orchard. Before we delve into the album, let’s take a second and think back. Slum Village was formed back in the mid 90’s in Conant Gardens, originally under the name… Read more »

Get “Down” with Victor Newman

For avid readers of The Daily Rind, you might remember an article that was posted on songwriter/producer/artist Victor Newman back in July, 2011. Since that time, Victor has diligently been working in the studio as all of the above on a multitude of projects. One of them is the recently released Down for which The Orchard is… Read more »

Get a Peek Into Nitty Scott MC’s Boombox Diaries

Nitty Scott, MC was born in Michigan, raised in Florida, and currently resides in New York City via the planet of Brooklyn. One of the first times you may have heard her was when she spit in the Cypher at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards alongside Lecrae, Soprano, and Estelle where DJ Premier manned… Read more »