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Freeloader Friday: Sacri Monti, Frog Eyes & More

Hey freeloaders, the weekend is upon us once again! You’re probably thinking “Friday already? What am I even going to listen to!?!” Don’t worry, we took care of it. This week’s playlist for the penniless is one for the books. Shall we? Screaming SoCal rockers Sacri Monti are streaming a new self-titled album this week, and… Read more »

Not Your Typical Butterfly Effect: Crazy Town Is Back

Ready for a throwback fixed with frosted tips, pierced lips and overtly provocative lyrics? Well come on pretty baby, because Y2K platinum record rockers Crazy Town are back with a new attitude, a new sound and a new album, The Brimstone Sluggers. In an era of bands like P.O.D., Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit gaining popularity, Crazy Town… Read more »

Freeloader Friday: Malpas, Windhand & More

Hey gang, did you know that today marks the first week of New Music Fridays? Starting now, all music worldwide will be released digitally on Fridays for even more weekend wildness. To mark this monumental day, we have compiled an especially exciting collection of new music for you. Let’s go! To start things off, we have an… Read more »

Freeloader Friday: Finale, Blank Realm & More

This edition of Freeloader Friday is particularly exciting because today, everyone’s a freeloader! No work, no worries, and plenty of BBQ, burgers and beer. As you celebrate America’s birthday with day parties, dance parties, into-the-next-day parties… and a three day weekend, you may want to refer to this gang of great new tracks to keep your… Read more »