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Hungry? How About a Sammies Sandwich?

It’s not quite a snickers bar, and you might have to wait a little longer, but hell, there’s no better sandwich than a Sammies sandwich. Or should we say, The Sammies‘ Sandwich, out September 23rd on MoRisen Records? Charlotte-based and full of haste, they’re already hearing from Pitchfork and Prefix! Sandwich is the ultimate crank-it-up-and-rip-the-knob-off… Read more »

Zach Hill’s Feelin’ Hella Good

Insanely nasty, metal-infused drums meet inspiration from Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, John Coltrane, and Jimi Hendrix?? WTF, right? Well, in the case of Zach Hill of Hella, that is no fairy tale, nor is it something out of the ordinary in the strange world henceforth known as Astrological Straits. Hill’s debut as a composer/artistic director… Read more »

Get Down and Dirty With Squeak E. Clean

Mark your calendars!  Alert the masses!  This Friday, July 11th, Squeak E. Clean (a.k.a. Sam Spiegel) will host the second of his three SUDS Parties of 2008, and with a lineup including  Switch (M.I.A., Santogold), Tittsworth (Justice, Kanye West), and DJ Pubes (Dance Right), who would miss it?  Best of all?  It’s FREE, as long as… Read more »

Amy Ray Flying Higher Than A ‘Kyte’

Amy Ray fans unite! It’s time to launch this punk rockin’ Indigo Girl‘s kyte — and no, we don’t mean those diamond shaped hallmarks of youth. We’re talking about her KyteTV channel — an online TV station for AR fans both old and new, and a celebratory gesture on behalf of her upcoming solo release,… Read more »

The Phenomena From Menomena: Danny Seim’s Lackthereof

Menomena drummer Danny Seim has taken some time to himself — time he likes to call Lackthereof. It’s his “side project,” a term used very loosely, since it actually began in 1997, before he joined Menomena. Like the handful of records before it, Your Anchor, due July 22nd via Barsuk Records, is chock-full of ‘kick… Read more »