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DeLeon Does Justice to Past

Mix old-school tradition with the melting pot that is Brooklyn, NY and you’ll turn out the stew that is DeLeon. And I’m not talking about 70s or 80s “old school.” Try ancient. Front man Dan Saks is making music with the group that earnestly modernizes the Sephardic Jewish style. Now that’s old school, but with… Read more »

Miss Alabamy Once Again: The Birmingham Sound, Neal Hemphill Style

Nothing says “hot diggity, thats doggone good” like the Muscle Shoals and Stax sound that poured out of those studios back in the day. Nothing except Neal Hemphill and The Sound Of Birmingham, that is. The follow up to a previous compilation of vintage soul from Neal Hemphill’s Sound of Birmingham and Hemphill Studios, these… Read more »

‘Migration’ To A Better Place

What’s that? A five-piecer from three different boroughs (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, to be exact) dropping onto like a bird’s business, that’s what. Indeed, experimental popists Takka Takka premiered a brand new track, “Everybody Say,” yesterday! Big news from a band with big potential, folks! Slated for release on July 29th via Ernest Jenning,… Read more »

That Which We Call ‘Black Rose’ Sounds So Sweet

Hil St. Soul Black Rose / Shanachie / BUY Soul music has this unparalleled and introspective nature to it–something that just makes it so smooth and beautiful you have to move your body. Hil St. Soul‘s new album, Black Rose , out last Tuesday on Shanachie, is no exception to this baby-making genre by any… Read more »

Re-Joyce for Diversity

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere, and in the case of Brit producer James Nichols, that “anywhere” happened to be a bookstore. Chamber Music is a collection of poems by Irish poet James Joyce, inspiring to the point of a media-crossing piece of work in Nichols’ eyes. He has put all 36 verses of… Read more »