Awaken and Rejoice…For The Time Is Coming

Mark your calendars, for the day of awakening is upon us. Or should we say the day to Awaken The Dreamers ? Deathcore demons All Shall Perish are dawning a new age of metal with their highly-anticipated follow up to 2006’s metal milestone The Price of Existence . Prepare. September 16th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Awaken blurs the boundaries between technical grind, relentless death, and balls-to-the-wall metalcore. Twelve tracks rich, and recorded at Oakland’s Castle Ultimate with Zack Ohren (Decrepit Birth, Light This City), it won’t be mistaken for anything else than stellar. Says drummer Matt Kuykendall : “We have never been a band to write the same record twice and we have never enjoyed records that are 1 single and 11 worse versions of the same song. This record is the most diverse thing we have done to date.”

They’ve posted a bunch of new tracks on their Myspace page , but you can also find the title track below. Grind forth into the darkness, and remember: September 16th.

MP3: All Shall Perish – Awaken The Dreamers

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