BalconyTV – Music Sessions: Coming to a Telly Near You

btvlondonLondon, you’re in for a treat. London Live, the city’s latest TV channel, seems to be curating quite the music-lover fantasy with the list of programs they plan to premiere on the cable network. With what appears to be a knack for exposing the top in the London music scene, they’ve handpicked BalconyTV – Music Sessions to be part of their weekly lineup.

If you’re unaware of BalconyTV and its utter coolness, here’s a rundown: eight years ago, Stephen O’Regan thought it might be a good idea to take advantage of the view from his Dublin apartment by inviting bands to play against the backdrop. Pretty simple, right? Fast forward to today, and Stephen’s simple idea has turned into acoustic band performances on balconies all over the world with jaw-dropping city views and a web-series of over 10,000 recordings.

Now, what began as a simple online series has grown to a full-blown TV program! If you’ve got a telly in Londontown (sorry, rest-of-world, you’re not quite ready for this new-age bandstand just yet), you can catch the BalconyTV London 30-minute segments each Monday evening, beginning May 19th. Producers/hosts Tina and Louise will make you feel right at home on the balcony overlooking Westminster (not too shabby), and you can expect some talented entertainment from the likes of Janet Devlin, Kal Lavelle and Big Narstie.

Read the full story here, and be sure to tune in next Monday!

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