Bret Michaels IS Atlantic City…

…where the National Anthem might as well be “Talk Dirty To Me.” Where, if ever the American flag goes missing, an Ed Hardey skull cap is waiting in the wings to replace it. Where The Daily Rind felt downright patriotic, listening to Big John‘s boss and Poison‘s baddest dish out down and dirty rock n roll of premium 80s vintage. From power ballads like the book-writer “Every Rose” and “Something To Believe In,” to glam’d-out goodies like “Fallen Angel” and “Nothin But A Good Time” (ed note: they may, or may not, have played these songs — it’s hard to remember Atlantic City ), Bret Michaels and company were downright captivating at The House of Blues. Or, at the very least, they had a room full of Jersey skirts and Philly push-ups eating out of their hands.

Seriously, though, this dude is an American institution — click on the picture over there for video proof. Remember: apple pie, baseball, Chevrolet and glam metal survivors share an equal footing in our book. Rags to riches to rags to riches, you know? Oh, and when he and his band tore into a cover of Lynyrd Synyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” Bret shaking his rump in pocket-less, skin-grafted denim? Cue the waterworks, in 100% appreciation for the finest pursuit in the biz: to play American rock, to play it loud, and to impress throngs of chicks doing it.

Remarkably blurry photos after the jump.

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