Bridge the Purchasing Gap with GeoRiot

GeoRiotPurchasingGapOur friends at GeoRiot are on a roll — their service keeps getting better and better, all the while still fulfilling a simple promise: getting your fans to the most appropriate storefront for your music, and filling your pockets with a bit of extra cash while they’re at it. Here’s GeoRiot’s CEO, Jesse Lakes, on their latest feature: Genius Links.  

We’ve been fortunate enough to be a guest on The Daily Rind a couple of times, discussing why it doesn’t make sense to use raw links in your marketing, and how you can earn a nice secondary revenue from using the affiliate programs of the world’s largest storefronts. We’ve also talked about how GeoRiot helps you fight “geo-fragmentation” by automatically globalizing your links to help international users purchase in the correct country/region-specific iTunes and Amazon storefronts.

Today we want to introduce another way that GeoRiot helps you earn even more from every link by not only solving the issue of geo-fragmentation, but also helping you bridge something we call The Purchasing Gap (dun dun duuuun!). We define the Purchasing Gap as the rift between the product you’re promoting and where each individual customer wants to purchase.

Simply put, if you’re promoting your music not only internationally, but with multiple stores, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc, you can run into issues with getting every user to the destination where they’re most likely to buy your music. People listening to your tunes through their Android phones or tablets can’t directly buy from iTunes. iPad users probably don’t want to go to Google Play — they’ll want to view and purchase your music straight from iTunes. Mixing in factors such as geography, desktop computers with different operating systems, and promotional dates, can make managing your links terrifyingly complicated very fast.

GeoRiot has your back. We’ve developed a new feature that makes bridging that Purchasing Gap seamless and easy. We call them Genius Links. Built on top of our links that automagically localize and affiliate, Genius Links allow you to create additional custom scenarios for each of your links to route specific traffic to the destination with the highest chance of conversion.

What this means is that you can decide where a click goes based off a fan’s device type, operating system, country, or even when the link was clicked.


That’s not all we’ve done to help with those conversions. With this new release we also introduced a new domain, “” The domain is friendlier, shorter and shows your users they’re dealing with a much more intelligent link.

We’ve also added a new Destinations report to show you how often your traffic ends up at each end point you’ve configured. You can now follow your traffic through the click to see which stores are hit the most, which helps you make more intelligent decisions when adding new content for your users.

All in all — the features we’ve built are meant to help your users get a better experience and you get more coin in your pocket.

We’re always striving to improve the way online commerce is done across the world, and your help is invaluable in achieving that. Tell us: are there things other than device, country, OS or date that you’d like to create scenarios from? Are there sites other than the ones we currently support you’d like added? Let us know and we can work together to make Genius Links the most intelligent commerce link out there.

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