Captivating “Christine” Joins The Orchard’s Sundance Acquisitions

ChristineWhat’s that? More news from Sundance? Could it be? Well — yes! We are proud to announce that we have picked up Christine for North American distribution. The film premiered in the US Dramatic Competition and has received nothing but rave reviews. Christine features Rebecca Hall who delivers an incredibly strong performance as the title role, and also stars Michael C. Hall, Tracy Letts, Maria Dizzia, Timothy Simons, J. Smith Cameron, among others.

Based on true events, the film is about Christine Chubbuck, a news reporter in Sarasota, FL. As a woman in the media in the 70s, Christine knows she has to work harder than the men in her field to get ahead, but the challenges she faces in her career often clash with those in her personal life. When her station faces sinking ratings, they move Christine from behind the news desk to the roundtable where she is assigned the task of delivering juicier stories. This strongly goes against Christine’s professional morals and values, but she knows she needs to overcome the obstacle to get ahead in the game.

Christine will be in theaters at the end of 2016. We can’t wait for it to captivate audiences across North America. For more information, check out our official press release and additional words from The Hollywood Reporter.

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