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First Release Builder Compilation is Live on iTunes!

Just a day after Cleopatra Records created their Thanksgiving Holiday Party compilation in Release Builder, it’s live on iTunes! I know, we just announced our Release Builder enhancements, but apparently Cleo was really eager to use it. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for our Product Development and Engineering teams, and to my Mom for the… Read more »

We ARE Tools…Introducing The New Release Builder

Yesterday, we announced the release of the next version of our proprietary Release Builder product. The first version of Release Builder enabled artists to enter metadata, upload artwork and audio, and play back audio on-the-fly through the Orchard Workstation one release at a time. The new version of Release Builder adds the following capabilities: Upload… Read more »

The Orchard Workstation, Your Employees, And You…

Want to allow interns to build releases but not see sensitive accounting info? Want your accounting guy to just focus on the numbers? We’ve added a new feature in the Orchard Client Workstation for you to manage your Workstation users. Your individual employees can now have their own personalized login and permissions. Here’s the deep… Read more »

A Release Builder insider tip on UPLOAD SPEED!

Warning! This blog post contains Orchard Client Workstation future product launch spoilers, though is safe for all audiences. If you’re a Release Builder power user, you’ve probably noticed that upload speeds can vary greatly. In the next several months, we’re going to be rolling out a slew of new features that will maximize upload speeds,… Read more »