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Copyright Criminals: The Rights And Wrongs Of Content Ownership

Making its rounds at independent film festivals, Copyright Criminals is a documentary film that examines the boundaries between artistic expression and today’s copyright laws. The film features some of hip hop’s most influential figures as it asks the heated question among musicians and lawyers, “who owns this sound?” Copyright Criminals offers an intriguing look into… Read more »

Live Post: Labels and Digital Services panel, with Spotify, we7, The Orchard, WMG, Sony and Beggars

The panel featured two music services – Spotify and we7 – three labels – WMG, Sony and Beggars Group – and The Orchard. It focused on the deals being struck between labels and digital services, in as much detail as the participants are allowed to talk about. In particular, the way the streaming model has… Read more »

Sire founders relaunch Blue Horizon label at MIDEM

Legendary 1960s record label Blue Horizon is being relaunched at MIDEM by Seymour Stein (photo) and Richard Gottehrer, the original founders of Sire Records, Blue Horizon’s US partner. Blue Horizon was set up in London in 1966 to release music by original US blues masters, such as Otis Spann, and pioneering British blues groups such… Read more »

A List Of Income Streams For Musicians

This guest post by David Sherbow looks at potential artist revenue streams. David is the CEO of and blogs MusicBizGuy Speaks. The artist music business model has been in flux for years. The record deal dream that most artists sought is no longer the viable alternative that it once was.  The leveling of the… Read more »