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Orchard President & Chief Executive Greg Scholl Discusses The Future of Music

Greg Scholl, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Orchard. Join us for a conversation about The Orchard, a company that distributes, markets and promotes music and video content to over 400 leading online and mobile digital retailers throughout the world. We also focus on The Orchard’s new multi-faceted recording and distribution agreement with world… Read more »

Behind The Music: Record Labels On Trial

A mock court hearing last week asked an audience to judge whether labels were irrelevant. Their verdict? Not guilty At the Great Escape festival in Brighton last Friday, record labels were put on trial, with the prosecution accusing them of being irrelevant. It might not have been a proper trial – the audience were acting… Read more »

Orchard CEO Shares Perspective on Free Music on Hypebot

As part of a week long exploration into the meaning and value of “free”, Hypebot asked some of the music industry’s most forward thinkers the value and future of free music.  Here Greg Scholl, President & Chief Executive of The Orchard shares his perspective on “free”. You asked us to share a perspective about “free music”.  Setting aside illegal… Read more »