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The Orchard Loves to Market… Part Two

Just a couple of weeks ago, we shared a map with you of some of the outlets we market to. This week, we continue our marketing love story with this snapshot of our interactive and editorial marketing tools, as well as our Marketplace partners. So many tools out there… so many ways to get the… Read more »

The Orchard Loves to Market… Part One

Here at The Orchard, we take pride in delivering the music of our artists and labels to all of the places around the world where it can be purchased or listened to. Once it’s delivered, we use our charm and relationships to get front-and-center placement so that our clients’ music gets the attention it deserves, and… Read more »

Orchard-ites Exposed

We thought it was high time you got to know us better here at The Orchard. We’re an exciting, fun-loving and hard-working bunch – and sure, we know that, but you don’t necessarily. Therefore, inaugurated by this post, we’ll regularly be sharing some fun facts and figures with you – ranging from internal studies to… Read more »