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MySpace Artist Profiles Get An Upgrade & A Facelift

MySpace’s latest newsletter concluded with “Embrace Change”…which there has been a lot of lately over at MySpace. A few weeks ago, MySpace rolled out their new profiles for musicians and users along with a new theme gallery. The new user profiles deliver clean and easy-to-use navigation and simplified organization of content, including a consistent theme… Read more »

The Orchard & Ping

With the recent launch of Ping, many artists, labels, and managers alike have been trying to utilize iTunes 10’s Artist Profile. Artist accounts allow musicians to upload and create their own pages featuring their pictures, videos, tour dates, music recommendations and a lot more. Last week, Apple told Hypebot, “Those interested in creating Artist Profiles… Read more »

1, 2, 3, 4….The Orchard In Numbers

How do you measure a year? How many shows you have attended? How many epic albums you heard that year? How many cups of coffee you’ve consumed? Well, here at The Orchard it is in cups of coffee AND a boatload of other things relating to our business. As a result, we’ve compiled some stats… Read more »

Using an iPad in the Music Industry Part 3: Merch, Marketing, Managing

Thanks everyone for checking out the series.  Here is the last installment, all about The Business. Along with being a great tool for musicians, engineers and producers, the iPad is well suited for everyone working in the business sector of the music industry.  By everyone, I really mean everyone.  Managers, marketers, merch retailers, bands, brands,… Read more »