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Net Neutrality: What Is It? And Why YOU Should Care!

If you use the internet you should care about Net Neutrality – period. What is it? To understand net neutrality, it is best to look (as usual) into the past, where the principle has already been broken on numerous occasions. On February 4, 2010, Verizon Wireless blocked 4chan, an English language imageboard from being accessed by its customers…. Read more »

Netflix Original Content

Netflix has confirmed that they will be licensing “House of Cards,” a political thriller set to release in 2012, produced by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey. Like most of my fellow cable cutters out there, I am always ecstatic to hear new content is landing on Netflix. “House of Cards,” however, may become more than just another Netflix… Read more »

Amazon Releases Unlimited Streaming For ‘Prime’ Members

Officially throwing their hat into the subscription based video streaming ring, Amazon has announced that Amazon Prime members ($79/year) now have access to unlimited steaming of  over 5,000 movies and television shows alongside their unlimited two-day shipping. If you’re a ‘Prime’ member who doesn’t already have Netflix, then this should be great news. If you are like… Read more »

The Nine Lives Of Marion Barry

The life and times of a D.C. Mayor… Few politicians stand in greater opposition to the oft used, and misunderstood, quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald “there are no second acts in American lives” than former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. From student activist to civil rights leader, mayor to criminal, Barry’s life and acts don’t seem… Read more »

AppleTV Has a Secret

Has anyone noticed AppleTV – the TV-connected device designed by the app inventors themselves – has no app platform? Surely, there’s a reason. We don’t rely on Comcast to make the latest and greatest TV’s. Companies are typically great at one thing. As online video consumers learn the ropes of this brand new market, we… Read more »