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The Nine Lives Of Marion Barry

The life and times of a D.C. Mayor… Few politicians stand in greater opposition to the oft used, and misunderstood, quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald “there are no second acts in American lives” than former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. From student activist to civil rights leader, mayor to criminal, Barry’s life and acts don’t seem… Read more »

AppleTV Has a Secret

Has anyone noticed AppleTV – the TV-connected device designed by the app inventors themselves – has no app platform? Surely, there’s a reason. We don’t rely on Comcast to make the latest and greatest TV’s. Companies are typically great at one thing. As online video consumers learn the ropes of this brand new market, we… Read more »

Hulu Puts IPO Plans On Hold

Hulu will not be going public (anytime soon at least) despite earlier talks of a $2 billion dollar IPO. Sources point to Hulu’s lack of long-term rights for the majority of the content it streams online. Without going public, Hulu will be left to its own methods to generate funding and speculation has already begun on… Read more »

Street Dreams #2 iTunes Sports Movie

Over the years many have attempted to make films based around skateboarding. Some were memorable (Gleaming the Cube) but others mostly forgettable (Thrashin’). With STREET DREAMS, Rob Dyrdek, no stranger in front of the camera, decided to take a crack at attempting to tell the story of street skating by approaching it from the individuals… Read more »

The Orchard Is An iTunes Approved Encoding Vendor For All Video Types

Did you know that The Orchard supplies iTunes with a regular supply of films, television shows and music videos? We’re not only a video distributor to iTunes but one of the few approved encoding vendors that can meet Apple’s (complex, proprietary and particular) video delivery specifications for all video product types, using our in-house encoding… Read more »