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3 Ways YouTube Can Actually Make You Smarter

YouTube gets a lot of flack for some of its videos. People like to complain about how there’s nothing good on. With an overwhelming wealth of pet videos and twerking fails, viewers must be getting dumber, right? Not necessarily. With hundreds of hours of video being uploaded throughout the day, the sheer amount of content must… Read more »

How I Got Certified in Cat Videos

An eternity ago (okay it was only four months ago, but that’s an eternity for streaming video), I attended one of the first certification sessions offered by YouTube. After the course, I took the exam, passed with flying colors, and can now joke about being certified in cat videos. The end. Perhaps it was a… Read more »

YouTube: Subscribe from Anywhere

The value of subscribers in measuring a channel’s traction is becoming more and more apparent on YouTube. When earnings are based on small fractions of view counts, you need to rely on return visits to really see a return on your efforts. Because you can’t always bet on a random video going viral, subscribers are… Read more »

Indie Music, Meet Indie Comedy

Frenchkiss Records founder Syd Butler is no stranger to filmmaking. He and fellow Les Savy Fav bandmate Tim Harrington met while studying film at Rhode Island School of Design in the mid-90s. They even made a student film with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. So when he approached The Orchard about launching a couple of… Read more »