Sign Us Up for the Ride: Rose McGowan Dives Into Music

Rose McGowan Press Still 1Attention all old school ‘Charmed’ fans. Attention all feminists and political activists. Attention all artists. Rose McGowan, who you may know as the face behind magical sister Paige Matthews, the unfortunate early Scream victim or the woman who recently hijacked a political event, is making her solo musical debut. And because she’s not the kind to fit just one mold, expect to see more than just a pretty song or cutesy lyric from this fierce specimen.

Her first single, “RM486,” is named after the abortion pill, RU486, with her initials swapped in. The video, directed by Grammy and MTV Award-winner Jonas Åkerlund (he’s worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, U2, to name a few) in collaboration with global fashion think tank WHOYOUARE, is a highly visual and artistic interpretation of one person’s many facets and how these facets may be interpreted, both outwardly and within.

And that’s just the beginning. Rose McGowan has more thought-provoking work in the pipeline and we’re excited to share that The Orchard will be exclusively distributing this work worldwide through her label, Damage Inc. Get a taste for yourself with the epic video below, and keep your eyes wide open for more from this forward-thinking artist.

Bonus: Watch Rose McGowan’s directorial debut, Dawn, which was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at Sundance last year and which tackles, beautifully, topical feminist and socio-political themes.

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